⦁ Standalone Pendant device that requires nothing other than a sim card to function.
⦁ Self-Monitoring to up to 3 numbers, initial SMS alert with location followed by 2-way audio call.
⦁ Low battery alert via SMS. Battery life is typically 3 – 5 days. Simple to charge.
⦁ Water resistant to IPX5.
⦁ Can be used as a Hands free Mobile to make calls (to 3 numbers) and receive calls (multiple).
⦁ Location request available anytime by SMS sent to device. Ideal for lone workers, those concerned for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, children or vulnerable.
⦁ Sim card can be PAYG or Contract. No data usage required unless connected to GPRS platform.
⦁ Simple to program and adjust remotely via SMS commands. Negating need to revisit site.
⦁ Simple one button press.
⦁ Professional Monitoring service via GPRS platform followed by 2-way audio call. Available 24 hours a day, 365 a year.

GSM Pendant Monitoring Service

The Pendant Device can be connected to the ACT Safeguard 24 Hours Monitoring Centre allowing your customer to feel secure that someone is only a button press away from assistance were ever they maybe.

Upon pressing the button, the pendant will call our centre and open up a 2 way conversation through the device. At the same time the device sends its location to our server platform

The operator will speak through the device to check all is ok, if help is needed, they will contact the relevant services and use the location information to guide the help in. If no response is given through the device then the operator will use the call back facility to ring back the device, the pendant will then sound as incoming call and can be answered with a simple button press.

If the operator is not able to determine what help is required then contact numbers will be called and advised of situation and location so they can act upon it.